My experience taking Oakville Transit’s new Hub To Home service


wpid-wp-1437590023757.jpgA few weeks ago, Oakville Transit started a service called Home 2 Hub. The service is an on-request service which picks up commuters in the newly developed housing area. This is the area where we moved in just over a year ago. So I decided to give the service a try. Being someone who relies on my car to get me to the commuter train (GO Transit) station, I was a bit skeptical about the service overall, as well as the scheduling and timeliness of the pick-up and drop-off. What really got me interested was that they picked me up right at my house.

So I decided to give it a try; and I liked it. The bus came right on time (a few minutes early on several instances) and was on-time in dropping me off at the central hub, from where I got on to another bus which took me to the commuter train station. wpid-wp-1437590095725.jpgOverall it was a very pleasant experience. For the first couple of times I conversed with the driver and got to know that he would be the one on that route each day.

My guess would be that Oakville Transit is really using this as a two-way pilot to test out whether there is enough demand for a dedicated bus route in the area. And secondly, they could be using this to pilot how they can figure out the demand without actually setting up a dedicated route, only to have to shut it down, should there be no demand in the future.

I would absolutely love to see if they plan to offer this service over the weekend, as it would make it easier to rely less and less on an automobile to get to nearby grocery store and other establishments.

For the next few months, I plan on using the service on Wednesday and Fridays, the two days where I do not have daycare pick-up duties. 🙂

A job well done Oakville Tansit!