Process automation and digitization


Organizations, big and small are all focusing their time and energy on digitization and “going digital”. While we’ve been working in a digital world ever since computers became mainstream, the new revised focus is to be able to transact digitally. In order to do this, the smart organizations understand that their processes can’t simply be made digital by adding a digital veneer to it. They really have to start re-thinking their process from a digital viewpoint.

Some organizations decide to focus on the front-end of the process, the one which the customer interacts with, and make it digital while maintaining the things as they are in the back-end. While this will work, it does offer a huge disadvantage to everyone involved, the customer, the organization and more importantly the employees. Organizations do really need to take a look at the process and re-design and re-implement it with the focus that the customer may interact with us in multiple ways, whether it be digital or non-digital, the process must work equally to handle either scenarios. More importantly, where possible the experience end-to-end should be a “digital” or automated one, which relies less on human beings and more on technology to drive it in the most seamless and efficient way possible.

Only then can you truly say that you are a “digital organization”.